How We Serve

At KVCPA, each client is unique and individual. We meet with each client in order to understand your goals and to ensure your strategy plan with us, aids in achieving your desired results. Our services are not limited to what is shown here. By collaborating with others, we strive to ensure our intentionally small office does not feel limited.

Tax Services

This is the foundation of our business. Whether on a postcard size or 11X14, tax returns will need to be filed each year - we have this handled!

The dates of 4/16 to 12/31 is where the real magic happens. Tax strategy planning and projections help our clients feel in control of what will be reported on their tax return. Key dates happen throughout the year and if tax savings is a goal of yours, we ensure you are kept abreast of this information.

Financial Consulting

With half of Kellie's career in the private sector of corporate accounting, assisting in growth opportunities of your business is an area we can provide tremendous value. We  generally tie these meetings in with tax planning to ensure your time is kept in mind and you walk away having immediate and long-term goals.

Building a relationship means we learn your business, what is working and what is not. Reviewing financial statements and asking questions that might not be obvious is a way to learn your business better; but most importantly it is a tool for a small business owner to gain insight into their business.

Business Mindset

To be a firm client means to enter a relationship of growth for your business and personal life. Our approach is what sets us apart. Our practice is limited in its growth as we are a boutique. Our clients engage with us to strategize and move forward. We do this by meeting on a regular basis and set short-term and long-term goals. We literally take this approach step-by-step and only introduce options as the timing fits. Running your business can be overwhelming - we value simplicity and moving in the same direction as our clients.

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