About KV CPA

KV CPA is a boutique tax practice that centers around the small business and its owner(s).  Relationships mean a lot to us and by serving as a trusted relationship partner through the life of a business is what we do.  It is truly exciting to walk on the journey with so many talented business owners as their businesses are paving the way for future generations.

What is a legacy to us?


A legacy to me is a pathway that has been extended by hard work and dedication.  The road is not easy, but by putting in the hard work brings value by extending the path for generations to come. I have learned personally from my grandparents about what leaving a legacy means to a family.  They paved a way that has forever  changed the future for my family and I plan to continue paving that road  as far as I can for my future generations.

About Kellie Vincent

In 2000 while at the University of Louisiana-Monroe, Kellie had a vision of helping small business owners and maintaining a close relationships with clients.  After watching her entrepreneur grandfather have a successful relationship with his CPA, Kellie desired to build a practice with this mindset.  After graduating and obtaining her CPA certification, Kellie worked in various facets of the accounting industry but with always a clear goal of what she had in mind for her practice.

In November 2015, this goal was achieved by the formation of Kellie Vincent CPA.  Kellie enjoys working with her clients and being able to watch their businesses succeed.  Most importantly, she enjoys working with them in the decision making process and helping them be able to determine the right strategy for the future.

Kellie and her family reside in Prosper.  She's married to her college sweetheart, Tres, and has three boys - Hunter, Tyler and Keller.

Kellie's goals for 2019 is to obtain her CFP (Certified Financial Planner) license and establish a curriculum for business owners to advance within their businesses.

You can find out more about Kellie's professional background here